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When first Spanish conquistadores arrived on the island they saw many statues of woman, and that is why they named this island “Isla Mujeres” – “Island of woman”. Although nowadays there are more hotels, villas and restaurants on the island than statues of woman, this is one of the most popular legends describing the origin of its name.

Isla Mujeres fascinates its visitors with a unique tropical, natural beauty. A 20 minutes ride from Cancun to Isla is like entering tropical paradise. Vibrant, turquoise water following the whiffs of winds along with a puffy, white clouds scattered across the blue sky create a mesmerizing landscape welcoming you to inhale-exhale  in a slow motion.

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While making first steps in Isla Mujeres you might feel surprised by the sounds of numerous golf carts running in different directions, but further down the north or south side of the island this noise dissolves. A half an hour ride on a golf cart to the right side of the ferry station will bring you to the south side called Punta Sur. That is a place where during early morning hours you can enrich your visual memory by admiring a sunrise. A restaurant with seafood, statue of Ixchel (goddess of fertility), Big Iguana in a form of a monument with many smaller ones running around, contemporary museum under the open sky, these are man created objects that await you in Punta Sur. And a 30 pesos/2 usd entrance fee to a museum is worth paying, as you will have a chance to admire a divine landscapes presented to us by Mother Nature.

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isla mujeres punta sur photos

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The north side of Isla Mujeres might look familiar to you, because of the main beach Playa Norte – North Beach, which is being advertised by all tour operators. For every romantic nature lover that is a right place to be in the late afternoon and watch how the sun hides behind the horizon to wake up someone on the other side of the world.

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What to see in Isla Mujeres:

  • Punta Sur
  • Playa Norte
  • Garaffon Park
  • Tortugranja
  • Snorkeling tours
  • Underwater museum MUSA
  • Dolphin Discovery
  • Hacienda Mundaca


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